Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ilimmaussaq and Dyrnaes Valley, Greenland

Hello hello boys and girls, young and old, regulars and new update, new update! Hurray, hurray!!! Maybe you've been wondering why there has been no update for so long...well, what can I is life...I haven't been in the mood for postcards or anything...actually, it was almost two months that I haven't sent a single absolute record ever since I have started postcrossing...but it came to a halt two days ago when I finally sent some mail...mood still not appropriate..but I think it has taken just way too long and something had to be done...the feeling of owing cards to people really bothered me and I know it is far from fair...and then there are just some cards that have arrived, that are SHOUTING 'post ME, post ME'!

Btw, if you dropped by here during the last days of June, maybe you were surprised to see all images gone..well I was too..actually, on top of everything, when I noticed all the images showing this Photobucket pic, I was devastated! I thought that all the years of effort have gone..that some bug has happened to Photobucket (thats where I host my images) or that some virus has attacked my blog and affected things...I was just lost, and immediately started wondering how long would it take me to replace each of the 1000+ cards featured here, one by one, along with the stamps...the idea made me shudder..I mean, I cant even make a decent update! Anyways, after doing a small search, I realized I had actually reached the 10GB Bandwidth (?!!). I don't know how could this be is the first time it has happened ever since 2008...and it happens at a time when I have no new posts!!!! I mean, I was glad to have an indication that people are still dropping by, but I just couldn't find the logic behind it all..and I mean, a few days before that I did receive an email from Photobucket, first warning me about it and then telling me I had reached the limit, but I didn't take that seriously one bit..I actually didn't even bother to read it *embarrassed*
Anyways, I was all relieved to see that it is not permanent and that it will be restored..just had to wait for the first day of the month of July for everything to go back to normal. And it did.
Now, I dont want you to stop or come here more rarely due to that...feel free to abuse my 10GB of bandwidth all you want...just don't be surprised if sometimes you maybe come, and see nothing but the same Photobucket bandwidth image :)

Now, back to the cards, one of those "post ME, post ME" screaming cards is this amazing, fantastic, fabulous surprise that arrived from dear Radim..a card, written and stamped from the majestic Greenland itself!! Yay! Yay!! Yay!! I was all shocked when I found it in my mailbox! Shocked in the most positive kind of way, of course :) And what a great card it is..the awesome Aurora Borealis!

As the title says, on the card you should be seeing the Northern Lights over Ilimmaussaq and Dyrnaes Valley. I just don't know if the lights are coming from some inhabited houses or some temporary expedition's places. Still, the card is just soooooooo beautiful...simply calling you out to come here. Esp. now during summer...though it's been a weird one temperature-wise. There are days when it's getting way too hot and then come days when it is chilly and rainy...and well, the weather has just been out of its very mind. And not that Im totally not liking the Macedonian heat, I really look forward to these chilly rainy days. Make things a bit more bearable

and I love the great clear cancellation! the two stamps come from 2012; the left one from a set of two stamps representing Norden, Coastline Scenery...while the other one is from a set of two definitves..well, would I be wrong if i say it represents Margrethe II, the queen of Denmark?

Radim, thank you sooo sooo soooooooooo very much! You really spoiled me with this one...not that I mind though :P


Bryon D said...

That is one beautiful postcard Ana! I love those incredible Northern Lights though I have only been lucky enough to see them one time on a trip to Alaska. And on a rare Greenland postcard too, what a gem!

Rick Richardson said...

Great card :)