Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

well, despite feeling rather unwell, i hope to manage to do this update...coz if I keep postponing it, there is a great chance it won't see the light of the day for one more week at here we go :)

First comes a fantastic piece from a very rare country....I didnt really believe I would get a card from Papua New Guinea, but then somehow the stars collided, and one arrived in my mailbox! Happy, happy happy!!! :)

btw, recently I created a FB page to share updates or for anything mail related...I just needed to distinguish it from the actual feel free to follow us there if it is of any convenience for you:

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Anyways, the card comes from Port Moresby, the country's capital, where you can see the National Parliament House, whose construction started in 1980, and was completed and opened in 1984.
The main feature is a tall façade in the haus tambaran style of Sepik Art. On one side there is a circular building in Eastern Highlands style with conference rooms and facilities for the members of parliament.
The small plane picture shows Air Niugini, the national airline of Papua New Guinea, which operates both on domestic and international flights (Asia, Australia and Oceania). Im not sure what is the aircraft type, but maybe Glenn could help me out on this one :)

and i really love the stamps! The top left stamp was issued in 2012 in a set of 4 stamps + 2 additional sheets, representing sports' legends, and here you can see Stanley Nandex, also known as the PNG pride, the Headhunter and a kickboxing champion.
The stamp below shows a PMV truck and comes from a set of 9 public transport stamps issued this year. And then, at the right we have the adorable dolphins! I sooo much love dolphins, i just cant explain it!! The stamp was issued in 2003 in a set of 6 dolphin stamps. On this one, you can see the Bottlenose dolphin, which is the most common and well-known members of the family Delphinidae, the family of oceanic dolphin. Love it!!!!


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