Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Next comes a fantastic surprise from my dear Sissel!!

what a perfect combination of a bicycle card, coming from Norway!
Dont know where exactly this is in Norway, but it doesnt really matter...the card is just sooo brilliant!
Now im not sure how much the cycling culture is developed in Norway, it is usually Denmark or the Netherlands we keep reading about when it comes to this buddy, but I came across an interesting article which says that: It is often said that Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. But perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they are born attached to pedals: three quarters of them own bicycles "
And surprisingly or not, you can find both Sandnes and and Trondheim on the list of 11 most bicycle friendly cities in the world. Being on this list with not one but two cities, while Netherlands and Denmark for example are just represented with one (Amsterdam and Copenhagen respectively), is really a huge success!
Just adds to the reasons of why I so much love this country! :)
Did you know that in Trondheim there is something called a bicycle lift, where you could just be sitting on your bike and it will carry you uphill...really convenient for steep uphill paths...or lazy people :)
What a dreamy adventure it would be to cycle across and along the Norwegian fjords....mmmmmmmmm

the stamp is also pretty special. It is a Hurtigruten stamp, sold only on the Hurtigruten ships. There are in total only 5 designs of these showing iconic places along the coast, and on mine here you can see the beautiful North Cape, the northernmost point in Norway.

It is really a special card, isn't it? :)

Thanks so much Sissel!!!

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