Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Planets of Our Solar System

and my last card for today shows this awesome 3D card (just that unfortunately, here you can't really see the 3D effect)

well, if it wasnt for this card, I wouldnt have paid so much attention the other day when I read that March 13, 1781 was the day when Uranus was discovered. And having this card in hand, it just felt appropriate to post it for the occasion. Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and the third largest (by diameter).

It was discovered by William Herschel while systematically searching the sky with his telescope.
It had actually been seen many times before but ignored as simply another star...but better late than never...though with the nowadays technology, it would have been noticed without a doubt :)

Uranus is composed primarily of rock and various ices, with only about 15% hydrogen and a little helium (in contrast to Jupiter and Saturn which are mostly hydrogen). Its atmosphere is about 83% hydrogen, 15% helium and 2% methane.
Uranus is sometimes just barely visible with the unaided eye on a very clear night; it is fairly easy to spot with binoculars (if you know exactly where to look - I dont!). But if you have some good equipment, exploring the sky is always fun :)

that's all for today folks :)

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