Monday, March 11, 2013

Aşgabat, Turkmenistan

if Mondays seal your destiny for the upcoming week, then mine ahead is going to be screaming by the time Sunday's funny how tiny things can go wrong one after another that in the end you just end up asking yourself, 'ok, why the hell did i get out of the house at ALL today?'...yup, those kind of Mondays :)

so now, with some chocolate mousse on the table, lets show some great cards (in case you are interested in the mousse - cup of almond milk (home-prepared), spoon of honey, spoon of cocoa, and one avocado) - and you feel the unhealthy sugars or additives or food you dont feel guilty if you drink a bit too much...damn good!

well, i dont know how it has managed to slipped my mind, that last year I received my very first written and stamped card from Turkmenistan! Yes!! Can you believe it that I can be that lost in space and that I have overlooked posting such a small treasure? So this is why updates should be done more frequently, before Ana gets drowned in that ocean of cards and has no idea if some endangered species have been neglected...
So it's time to give its proper display and show this Aşgabat card that arrived from Sonya and Travis and their trip to Turkmenistan! Click on the link to read more about their adventures, and see some places of the world through their eyes.
As for the card, it says to be showing 'newly constructed fountains' not sure if I like them or not...probably the darkness does not do them justice...and probably, in real life, they get much more impressive with the spouts getting much is a video on which I think you can see probably all the fountains in the city.....I wonder if they have any kind of special contract signed with the Ministry of Water Economy..I mean, that is just too much water all over town!

Fountains of Aşgabat

the city does look beautiful I must say!

the stamp comes from a set of 7 animals' stamps issued in 2009.

Thanks a lot again to Sonya and Travis for finding the time to write some cards and drop them in the mailbox during their trips :)

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