Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Washington Apples, USA

next comes a very cool card from Bryon!

have you heard that slogan, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well, apples are indeed healthy and full of vitamins, plus they are tasty so it shouldn't be too difficult to play along.
The card in a way advertises the Washington apples, since it is the state with the largest production of apples in the US. Now, I have not tried the Washington-produced apples, so I can not give any comments upon them, but I will 'abuse' this opportunity and tell you that in Macedonia you will find one of the most delicious apples too! :)) Yup, the apple is the most popular cultivated tree fruit, and in the total fruit production, the apples cover more than 50%. And with around 280 sunny days a year, our country is indeed a great soil for lots of delicious fruits and vegetables which do not taste like plastic.
Some Macedonian varieties include (names just transliterated): Tetovka, originating from around the town of Tetovo, in north-western part of Macedonia. Then, Karapasha, originating from the Prespa region, and Alamanka, originating from the Ohrid-Prespa region. The Prespa region is in a way the most famous for apple production in Macedonia.
Of course, we also harvest some other varieties, like for example, Jonatan (Jonagold) or Gold delicious, both originating from the US of A :)

and what a great way to seal this card, with apple stamps!! these are just so lovely (what isnt lovely is that the domestic card rates in the US have gone up). How can one even keep track with prices increasing in the blink of an eye?!
This set was issued January 17, and here you can devour a piece of a Baldwin apple, a Northern Spy apple, a Golden Delicious apple and a Granny Smith apple. Some funny names here :)

thanks Bryon!!

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Bryon D said...

And I would love to try a Macedonian apple though I don't expect to find any in my area anytime soon! As for apples I read that China is the largest producer. If Washington State were it's own nation, it would rank #3 in apple production, just behind Turkey, that's a lot of apples!