Sunday, March 31, 2013

Paris, France

Did you know that, 31 March 1889 was the day when the Eiffel Tower was opened? Well, due to that, I will post the several Eiffel Tower cards I have, and that have not yet been posted here...

the first one comes from JP and I think it is one of the most fantastic angle from which the Tower has been i love the golden against the blue colour combination!
In case I havent told you, Ive been here...straight to the top...but I was lucky enough to do it on a foggy day so the whole experience was rather disappointing and I cant really brag about having some spectacular view all over Paris....

JP used a very nice matching stamp (with a perfect matching cancellation!). The stamp is from the 2012 EUROPA series, on the "Visit" theme...and here you have some of the most famous French places to visit, among which is of course, the Eiffel Tower :)

another Eiffel Tower from JP :) On this card, you can see the Eiffer Tower as seen from the gardens of Palais de Chaillot..another place to see in Paris, where there are several museums located, as well as an aquarium.
That statue you can see, is called "L'Homme", made by Pierre Traverse.

another great stamp, with a great cancellation..the stamp comes from a set of two Galante Hear stamps, with Maurizio Galante as an artist. This one in particular also bears the words - Crayon me...and im not sure how you can see it on your monitor, but the stamp on my card is red...while the ones ive seen on the stamps' websites, is im wondering if maybe JP did crayon it or it is just by chance that on the internet they appear black while in reality they are red....

I received this one as being a WOTM on the PC forum...
The tower has been named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. The work on the foundations of the tower had started in January 1887, and the main structural work was completed at the end of March 1889. On the 31st, Eiffel celebrated this by leading a group of government officials, accompanied by representatives of the press, to the top of the tower.

You know, as I keep looking at these cards, more and more I feel that I should really go back and climb on the tower again and experience it at a whole new level...but only with the appropriate company. Ive realized that the best way to experience places, food, things, is only if you have the appropriate company with you...

rather familiar stamp I think :)


A card I received as an official back in 2010.
Im not sure if the moon image is real or photoshopped but it makes a nice detail on the card.
Just today I read that there was a bomb threat yesterday at the tower by some anonymous guy, after which the whole tower has been evacuated..of course, no explosives can be found...but you can never be too sure. They say that the tower gets such calls like at least once or twice a year...boy, some people really know how to ruin your experience, esp if that was, lets say, your one and only chance to go on the tower.

the stamp was issued in 2009 and is a joint issue of France and Venezuela, showing Francisco Miranda, a Venezuelan patriot, general and traveler considered the "Precursor" to Simon Bolivar's "Liberator."

and another card from JP...the colours on this one are just fantastic!
Again on this card you have the tower as seen from Palais de Chaillot (or you can also find it as the Trocadero)
Did you know that there are over 30 replicas of the tower all over the world? I wouldnt be surprised if we get it one day as well....I mean, we already have the Triumphal why not add this as well to the already cluttered city centre...

love this bike cancellation! as for the stamps...the left one is the well known Marianne definitive, this one issued in 2008...the other one is from one of those stamps issued by Phil@poste for letters up to 20 grams...which make it sort of impossible to track them down since they dont even print the year of issue on the stamp itself...and after like an hour of searching, i found out that this one was issued in 2011, under the subject, I love Auvergne....pheww, at last!

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