Sunday, March 31, 2013

Little Bighorn Battlefield, USA

Here comes one unique kind of card, for which, in order to see it properly, you need to use the 3D glasses at the right...however, I didnt have the heart to rip them out...the card looks much better, and one of a kind, with the glasses attached to it, so Id leave them as they are :)

the back of the card says: Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument memorializes the U.S Army's 7th Cavalry and the Sioux and Cheyenne in one of the Indian's last armed efforts to preserve their way of life. Here on June 25 and 26 of 1876, 263 soldiers, including Lt. Col. George A. Custer and attached personnel of the U.S. Army, died fighting several thousand Lakota and Cheyenne Warriors.

This unique card was sent by Bryon..well I havent yet opened a 'bizarre' label here, but since Bryon thinks it would fit into that category, Im inaugurating the bizarre label as of today :) And ill also put it under the category of 'cool cards' :)

and we have awesome four stamps! this is a great set of 4 stamps issued in 1989, featuring prehistoric animals, like the Tyrannosaurus, the Pteranodon, the Stegosaurus and the Brontosaurus...a fascinating world the prehistoric animals are....

thanks a bunch Bryon!!

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