Sunday, March 31, 2013

Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Well, first of all, I want to wish a Happy Easter to all of you celebrating it today...Im not very familiar with every country's particular traditions, so if anyone feels like it, you can share that in a comment :)
We will be celebrating Easter a bit later....that is, in one month's time..ive never seen the point of Easter falling on different dates every year along with the different time difference each year btw the two Easters, except to get it confusing as much as possible for people like me who are actually not much into all those religious kind of festivals and festivities...
So that's why we'll get down to a few cards for today...nothing Easterish...but I now somewhat regret not having saved that Finnish card below for an Easter update...who would have known it is Easter related :)

And first card comes from Andorra...sent as a surprise from Fabienne  who seems to have the chance to visit this small beautiful country rather often :)

the card here gives us a glimpse of Andorra's capital, that is, Andorra la Vella. Feels like a nice cozy town, located high in the east Pyrenees between France and Spain, which makes it the highest capital city in Europe and a popular ski resort. And well, probably it is more famous for being one of those tax haven places on Earth ...i dont know about you, but i find taxes as a total rip-off..yeah, for all those millionaires/billionaires/politicians, let them pay it...they should even be higher...i find it really unfair that people who barely make a living, pay the same percentage of taxes as those who bathe in money...and in the end, those money are used for completely useless and irrelevant things...there are countries in the world where taxes are really high, but there you have free education, free health care and tonz of other benefits...but here, they just keep finding ways of how to take as much money as possible from you...and you will see no single benefit from it...i guess some of you know the feeling :)

the stamp on the left is the Christmas stamp issued in 2012, while the right one was issued in 2011 for the EUROPA series on the forest theme.

Merci beaucoup Fabienne!

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