Monday, March 11, 2013

Kentucky, USA

next card comes from Bryon's trip to Kentucky...where Winners are Born! (I guess in horse-racing)

I love horses, but not horse-meat...though Ive never tried it (at least not as being declared as horse-meat) but with the latest affairs and all, I wouldnt be surprised that I had also digested some domestic animal parts...yuck! I mean, I know there are people who would say that it is a delicacy...they would say the same about dog or rabbit meat, but..ahh, I cant even bare the idea of eating a fur ball of that kind...with such timid begging eyes...dont you just feel sorry to kill and skin such cuteness??!!

Bryon found 3 awesome stamps! One is even matching the card! It is an Olympic Games stamp issued in 1979 in a set of four, for the Olympic Games of 1980, held in Moscow, in the former USSR. Jan Kowalczyk won the gold medal in the equestrian discipline. The next two stamps were issued in 2012, the one in the middle showing the purple-heart-medal, while the one at the right, portrays Edgar Rice Burroughs, the man who invented the character of Tarzan (and Jane probably :))

thanks a bunch Bryon! enjoyed both the card and the stamps!!!

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