Monday, March 11, 2013

Taipei, Taiwan

the next card comes from Taiwan, and it shows the largest bookstore in the country, located in Taipei.

the bookstore has six stories above ground and two basement floors, with over 300,000 titles and more than a million books, covering publications in Mandarin, simplified Chinese, English, Japanese and European languages. And the best part of it all is that it is open 24/ you can drop by and read a book whenever you feel like it...esp on a rainy day as I presume it is when this picture was least that's the impression I get thru that window in the back :)

The other day I finished A Heart so White. Hmm, well, it is a good book...and I did find myself wanting see what's going to happen on the next page and how it is going to end and ended a bit, well, I dont know, all of a have odd events happening and things culminating until like the last 10 pages of the book, and then all of a sudden everything calms down and ends...on top of that, the book had not seen a proof-reader...or had seen a very careless one, coz all I kept doing was catching spelling and orthography mistakes...and as I was getting ahead with the book, the percentage of mistakes per page was increasing...and last, but not least, the syntax and construction of the sentences was sometimes confusing and made it difficult to figure it out what is he trying to say actually.
Still, it is not a bad just need to find the right copy to read it...probably in Spanish would be the best if you are able to :)
So now, finally I can get down to Kafka on the Shore by Murakami

there are two really nice stamps on the card! First one belongs to a set of 20 stamps under the theme 'Wishes, Tourism, and Traffic'. It was issued in 2011. The other one is from a set of 5 deep-sea creatures' stamps, issued in 2012 and this one here shows is the Regalecus glesne...or in a more understandable language, the giant oarfish.

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