Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New London Ledge Lighthouse, USA

And one more lighthouse for today, this one coming from Connecticut, USA.

the back of the card says: Located at the mouth of the Thames River in New London, CT., this lighthouse was built in 1909. Ledge light was automated in 1986 and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. A local legend has this light haunted by "Ernie", a jilted husband.
It is funny that this lighthouse has been under a lot of investigations for paranormal activities that have been reported, but unfortunately, not enough evidence has been gathered.
Btw, this seems more like a house to live in than a lighthouse. It is really cute.

the two stamps at the top are a part of the Earthscapes series issued in 2012, while the one a bit down is from a set of 4 architecture stamps issued in 1979, with this one showing us the Baltimore Cathedral, designed by Benjamin Latrobe.

So, that would be all for today....till next time.

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Bryon D said...

What a great photo, almost looks like the lighthouse is floating on the water!