Sunday, October 14, 2012

Akha Hilltribe, Thailand

well, since i've already mentioned Thailand in my previous post, here comes one card from there.

I received it earlier this year through a swap with Nina. I love such cards with people, and Thailand + Taiwan seem to have loads of them!
The Akha are an indigenous hill tribe that live in small villages at high altitudes in the mountains and are one of the six hilltribes left in the north of Thailand. They live on agriculture such as rice, corn, beans. They used to grow opiums too but they are unlawful now.
Smoking pipes seems to be very popular there as well.

and Nina used a number of lovely stamps here! <3 The four flower ones were issued in 2009 (they comprise the whole set), and were issued for the New Year 2010 actually. The fifth stamp on the left is from a set of four Cultural Heritage stamps issued in 2000.

thank you very much Nina, for both the great card and stamps!

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