Sunday, October 14, 2012

Alms collecting, Myanmar

Good Sunday to you all. It is a cloudy one here..somewhat perfect for doing some cleaning and writing some cards....and doing updates too. It was a really nice weekend, wine-related...we have this wine festival each year (sometimes even twice a year), and it is a great opportunity to taste some wines, enjoy some good music and some good company of course.
And now relaxing a bit, before the new working week kicks off...and first we start with one fantastic, totally unexpected surprise that arrived some days ago from Daniel! My first written and stamped card from Myanmar! Can you imagine my joy? :D
It was so kind of him to send me this coz as he said, i had not yet received a card from there! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

and what a lovely card it is! it shows monks collecting alms during the morning.

the practice of collecting alms food is a discipline practice by the ordained Sangha, that is monks and nuns in all Theravadin countries. The daily alms-round was practiced by the Buddha and is continued to this day as a means of making merit, by developing generosity, by lay Buddhist and for the material support of the Sangha. The monks set out each day at first light with their alms-bowls and wander silently and barefoot through the village or town collecting the food for the day. On returning to the monastery they will share the food and usually eat communally finishing their meal - for some monks their only meal - before mid-day.

Myanmar, is a major stronghold of the Theravada Buddhism, along with Sri Lanka and Thailand.

the stamp is from a set of 2 issued in 2011, displaying palaces in Myanmar.

thank you so very much again Daniel!!! I just love the card!


Manu World said...

:) hugs from a penpal & travekker from portugal.

Rick Richardson said...

Truely beautiful....

Joy said...

The card has an almost mythic quality.

Joy said...

For some reason the comment box is not opening on your other blog so I'll just say I love those earthscapes stamps.

bardamu1964 said...