Saturday, February 25, 2012

California, USA

Next is a card I received few days ago from dear honour of the freezing weather we had....cant help but keep laughing about it :))))

luckily our freezing weather is over, though not even close to as the one on the we dont have beaches here...ok, actually we do have a beach along the Vardar river, but Ill never understand what's their purpose since no sane person would put on a bathing suit and go there to sunbathe (swimming is forbidden either way...)
well, one can at least always dream...and enjoy..and hope for a nice upcoming summer...

ps. my Spanish is really not progressing at the moment, but hopefully ill get back on track...soon :)

hm, it my impression or the postal rate in the US has gone up? I received another card as well, with stamps over 1$ I guess that's not such good news =/
But Bryon did manage to use three lovely stamps and as much as my memory serves me, all three rather new to me!
the ones on the right are both Forever stamps issued in 2011 in a set of 10, representing flags...the top one represents the flag of Pennsylvania while the bottom one, of Rhode Island.
the other stamp was issued in 1978 and portrays George M.Cohan, a late American entertainer.

Thank you Bryon!! Curious to when you find a Macedonian restaurant at last :)


Bryon D said...

Yes Ana, your assumption is quite correct, international postcard rates are now $1.05 so your beloved Grand Teton stamp will soon diminish completely from your mailbox. And yes, my search continues for that elusive Macedonian restaurant!

Ana said...

that's really lame =/ Ever since ive joined postcrossing, the US postage has increased twice or three times.....not that I minded Grand Teton THAT much ;)