Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beirut, Lebanon

well, the weather has gotten back to normal..though im not sure if this is normal either, having 15°C, when just last week it was -20°C...but at least we finally have some sun...and it is really nice to go and take a walk outside..and of course, mail has gotten back to normal, and my postman does come a bit more frequently...yippie :) And among all the great mail he had brought me, was also this card...which I thought had gotten lost...but in the end it managed to find its way to me, so im reallly happy, since it is a new country in my collection, and I really felt disappointed when i thought it was lost...

So, I would like to introduce Lebanon here, and its capital Beirut (must say it is the first time I see it written Beyrouth...)
And the person to blame for this is Herbert...he already sent me this great surprise from Transnistria (when I panicked about it :P) and he told me that also a card from Lebanon was on my way...but the card just wouldnt come, so to my great disappointment I had to accept it had gotten lost....but the postal routes definitely have something mysterious about them, so you just never know when something might appear....and leave you wondering, where it had been so far.

well, this gem of a card shows a sea side view at Ras Beirut, which is actually a luxurious residential neighborhood and is considered to be Beirut's most cosmopolitan and open-minded area.
this becomes esp. interesting when you have a country as Lebanon in question, for which you usually think are pretty confined since the majority of the population is is a pretty wrong way to judge something, but that is somewhat the stereotypical notion that comes to the it is nice to learn something new and have those stereotypes proven wrong, no?

i love it that the stamps are so colourful! and as you can see from the stamp, the card was sent on October 17...and I received it just a few days where has it been for 4 months, only the card knows...but it surely wont tell us :)

it was a bit of a challenge to locate the stamps though...the left one is from a set of 6 definitives issued in 2011 while the blue one was issued in 2009, with regards to the Francophone conference.

Herbert, thank you VERY VERY VERY much again for thinking of me during your trips!!

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