Monday, December 12, 2011

Texas, USA

so, if you have started feeling like a couch potato during these cold winter days, here is something to get you moving....just make sure you have good running skills :p

Bryon sent me this great card....which is like a refreshment to my overall collection...I cant say I have a lot of cowboy cards in my collection or cards related to people/animals in general when it comes to the USA.

The back of the card says: Cowboys roping Texas longhorn cattle. Uhmm, seems like they haven't heard of animal welfare :) Though I highly doubt there is any sort of inspection or control out here in the field....pardon my professional damage here, please, but I cant help it :)

On the side note...I have never been able to get into the Western movies....but I liked this Lucky Luke cartoon...

and Im pretty sure you've watched Tom the Cowboy Texan :)

Great stamps from Bryon as usual...this time, we have two ship stamps from a set of 4 Forever stamps issued this year honouring the US Merchant Marine, while the other 22c stamp is from a set of, erm, 50 fauna stamps issued in 1987. The stamp represents the Monarch Butterfly and is perhaps best known of all the North American butterflies.

thank you very much again Bryon!! :)))

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