Monday, December 12, 2011

Calgary, Canada

Here is something pulled out from the 2009 box...2010 is not so bad, but 2011 is as big as both of them, yet, has not enough room for all the cards, so there is a pile that needs to be stored separately...that is an indicator that ive been pretty lousy with updates here since I had allowed such thing to happen...should I make a New Year resolution about it? :)

the card was sent by Glenn  who wanted to share with me this Tower in Calgary. A pretty impressive structure I must say...completed in 1968, it rises nearly 191 metres in the air.
My first thought regard such buildings is always related to the view from above....and this one must be offering a great view over the city and further beyond (just make sure you are not caught up there during an earthquake :))
Personally, would love to have a cup of coffee up there, and a slice of cheesecake (hopefully they have them on the menu)
Did you know that here you also have the highest 360° observation deck in the world??? Cool, no?

Glenn used a whole set of stamps here issued in 2009 featuring the Canadian Recording Artists. What can I do, I only know of Bryan Adams *blush*

thank you Glenn! Though you might have forgotten you had ever sent me this one :)

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Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, Wow you are behind , 2009 , 2011, watch out 2012 is just ahead. When I get 20 or so postcards behind, I get excited thinking I'll never catch up. Good Luck. Oh yes, it was good to see that long vertical card, but I guess that's a good way to see a tower.The singers on stamp- my favorite is Stompin Tom, the guy in the cowboy hat. Take care,glenn