Monday, November 28, 2011

Irish Breakfast, Ireland

Here comes something, which if you are in Ireland, is something you will supposedly get for breakfast......hmmmm???

im having my doubts about this one....for lunch or dinner maybe....but breakfast??? you really eat this for breakfast?? Odd, in the least hand! Oysters are such a tough food, even if not eaten for breakfast you may feel sick at the stomach....and in combination with dark beer (the stout), i really wonder how your day is gonna be :P

The back of the card says (something that has absolutely nothing to do with the front): The unique beauty of Ireland's landscape and its rich historic, literary and artistic associations have long made it a favourite resort for tourists. Encompassing a wealth of natural beauty within its modest dimensions, Ireland boasts a landscape which is as much diverse as it is gratifying. The scenic grandeur is set off by Ireland's position. Standing in the path of both the prevailing westerly winds of the Atlantic and the warming currents of the Gulf Stream, Ireland enjoys an equable climate which gives the country its unique fresh appearance.

Speaking of breakfasts, here is a link with a variety of those throughout the world...some are awesome, some id never eat...and some...I just dont know how people can consider as breakfast??

Breakfasts from around the world

The Irish breakfast presented here is rather different, so nowadays you can just trust no one :)

My tops: Spain, Hawaii, Portugal, Italy, Wales, France, Russia, Pakistan. Btw, Pakistan says to be using Ghee...which I would recommend as a butter substitute in your cooking.

The stamp is from a set of 8 animals' automat labels issued in 2010, with this one showing a Sea slug


Bryon D said...

Well if that breakfast is legitimate, I guess it is true that there is something for everyone out there. Oysters are a challenge for many people including me but maybe the beer would be a good complement to the dish. I'll try anything once, so maybe next time I'm served oysters, I'll ask for a beer too!

Ana said...

I asked this Irish guy at work about it and he just shook his head...he agreed though on the Irish breakfast featured in the video, that it is more likely to have something like that :)

Oysters have never been appealing to me and I dont drink beer...but at least, I know for sure that Irish chocolates are truly delicious :)