Monday, November 28, 2011

Belgium Specialty, Belgium

well, my first association to Belgium when it comes to food is chocolate....but here we have some real food to show :)

this is what the Belgians call a national meal: beer, french fries and mussels. Uhmmm..ok, not really my type...first, coz i dont like beer...second, im not so fond of mussels...and third, I actually prefer baked or boiled potatoes to the french fries....just too much oil in it and not really nutritional values. (Sometimes I think im annoying people regarding food and what's healthy and whats not and all the labels' checking of products...). Just yesterday, I put back this cat-food on the shelf coz it simply contained too many food colourings...some considered really hazardous...

however, garlic and onion... I love adding them to my meals, esp garlic in raw of the best antiseptics you could get and help your immunity during the cold winter days.

The stamp is from a set of 3 issued this year, showing the House of Erasmus. A really nice one!


Bryon D said...

So Ana, here is where I will differ with you, this dish looks heavenly! There is a small bistro, Prima, on Whidbey Island just Northwest of Seattle that serves the most fabulous steamed mussels with french fries. They are known as Penn Cove mussels and are sourced from the fresh salt water of Puget Sound near the restaurant. With a chilled glass of French white wine, nothing better! Mussels are also very inexpensive here and easy to steam at home so I may have to do it soon after seeing this postcard!

Ana said...

so, was there any mussels steaming?? :)

and it is nice to differ...the world would have been a boring place if we all liked the same stuff :)