Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Arinsal, Andorra

It's been a rather crazy and overloaded start of the week...and apart from hugging my cats, another way to relieve all that stress is post some cards, of course :)

well, my first card for today came as a surprise last week from JP (the generous fairy you've all heard about so far I think :)....my first written and stamped card from Andorra! I have several Andorra cards, but finally one sent from the country itself!!

The card shows the village of Arinsal, located at the head of a valley, close to the border with Spain. In summer is home to hikers and bikers, while in winter, the skiers take the floor.

the card is mailed using a stamp issued by the French Postal administration (bugger...this means ill have to add the Spanish one as well on my list now).
The stamp was issued this year in a set of two Flora stamps.

Thanks a lot JP, as always!


Rajko said...

prepisuješ li to od mene, viđela da sam i ja Andoru objavio? :D vidim da nam razglednice prikazuju i isto mjestašce... :)

Emm said...

What a lovely blog you have! I've just spent time visiting Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. You've certainly made me want to visit Croatia and Macedonia more than I already want to visit them!