Saturday, October 8, 2011


and as a last post, some Spanish markets! as most of you know, I went to Spain this summer....and I actually wanted to make an update only Spain-related, regarding each place ive seen, but ive realized it's gonna be way too time consuming, and an endless post, so I would go step by step, and talk about it through the Spanish posts here in the future.

Our first stop in Spain was Barcelona...the lovely Barcelona, with which I fell in love with, and i could definitely live there!
Now Barcelona is all in the name of Gaudi, but also has dozen of other things to offer, among which is the La Boqueria Market on La Rambla....this must have been one of the MOST FANTASTIC markets ive seen in my life!! So captivating! The colours of the market are amazing, esp. at the fruit stalls or ones offering fruit drinks! The colours of these are soooooooo vivid and arranged in such a way that it captures you at an instant! You feel like a small child at the greatest toy store and you just dont know where to look first!
The nuts, sweets and spices sections are a story for themselves as well.

Here I would like to share with you a few of the pictures Ive taken there...


if you notice, the name Macedonia is hanging in there...for 2 euros :)


i dont think ive seen such colourful peppers at one place :)

well, Valencia was our last stop....another place I fell for...must be something coz of the Mediterranean Sea :)
Valencia has its central market as well, which we unfortunately didnt get the chance to see , but at least i have this lovely postcard from there

on the overall, I didnt really bring many cards from Spain...or at least not as many as i expected to...but they are good enough to tell the stories of what I have and have not seen :)

have a great, and not such a cold and rainy weekend!


Anu said...

I went to La Boqueria, too! Didn't stay for long, though, because it was really, really crowded and I just couldn't take it (that, and it was difficult to look at anything properly with someone on the way all the time). Shame, because it did seem like a wonderful place. I wish the local markets here were a bit better stocked as well.. :p

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Yes, you have convinced me - I must visit Barcelona! :)

Ana said...

Anu, it was crowded as well when I went, and I hate crowds, but couldnt leave the place....I was just fascinated! :)

Sheila - perfect! Cant wait to hear impressions once you go!