Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poreč, Croatia

ive posted a number of Croatian cards here, but not one from Poreč....so here it is...

I got this card from dear Rumi, back in 2009, when I more actively participated in RR's.
Well, despite the weather has been really nice here lately, sunny and not so warm...I do long for something like this...the sea (esp. the Adriatic one) is irreplaceable to me..and it is really helpful for the overall state of mind to relax by the sea for a few days...well, i relaxed by the Mediterranean this summer, for a day and a half...and even though it felt great, it just wasnt enough = /

Ive been trying to recall my visits to Croatia from when I was little, but I dont think ive ever been to Poreč actually...and now ive just read that the city has a UNESCO whs as well, the Euphrasian Basilica...i have to dig through my Croatian collection and see if i actually have this...though i think the answer is no, but I really have no idea anymore about what I have and what I dont...and I stared hard at this picture, but i didnt manage to spot the Basilica...well, had to try :)

im not sure how much you can see the label....it has withered away with time...just pity that the postal workers didnt bother much to use stamps....

thank you Rumi for the great card!

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