Thursday, October 20, 2011


My tongue fell out the other day when I found this gem of a card in my mailbox...not only it is a map card (and seems it's been a while since ive posted a map card here), but look the country it is coming from!!

a fantastic surprise (one of a dozen Ive received in the past week or so) from my dear Sissel....who has been visiting some awesome places lately and always drops me a card or a few in the mail...and since my postman sometimes loves to bring me all at once, I end up having a small Christmas in the mid-October :)

Here is what the back of the card says: The larger island of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua boasts 365 beautiful beaches, one for each day of the year (** I got a deja vu here and I wonder who is the copy it Antigua who had copied from us about the 365 churches of Ohrid, one for each day of the year, or vice-versa?)
It lies roughly 17 degrees north of the equator in the middle of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean. It is about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide. The capital is St. John's.

At the bottom left you can see the Old Road, of which I had already written now you have a better idea where it is exactly :)

and the most important part of this is, that it comes written and stamped, which makes it my first written and stamped card from Antigua! more down! Though with all the new countries being born, I always seem to be holding around the status quo...

the middle stamp is from a set of 13 flora definitives, with this one depicting a coconut (mhm mhmm mhhm), while the birds' stamps are from another set of 15 definitives, issued in 1995

thank you sooo soo sooooooooooo much dear Sissel!! Thank you!!!!!!


Rajko said...

kakva kombinacija: mapa, flag, predivna markice, Antigva, w&s... sta jos da pozelis? :D

Ana said...

avionsku kartu možda? :P :-))))

Rajko said...

i to što kažeš... :D

agi said...

lol al' stvarno je divna :)