Thursday, October 20, 2011

Semmeringbahn, Austria

next comes a lovely train card I received as an official earlier this year.


It presents the Semmeringbahn, which is also a UNESCO whs. The Semmering Railway represents an outstanding technological solution to a major physical problem in the construction of early railways. The railway, built over 41 km of high mountains between 1848 and 1854, is one of the greatest feats of civil engineering from this pioneering phase of railway building. The high standard of the tunnels, viaducts and other works has ensured the continuous use of the line to the present day. Furthermore, with its construction, areas of great natural beauty became more easily accessible and as a result these were developed for residential and recreational use, creating a new form of cultural landscape.

well, you know pictures are better than ill let you enjoy

i just wish the music was different...i find the one used here rather annoying...for me, doesnt really fit into the atmosphere...

the stamp is from the 2010 EUROPA series of Children's books.

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Bryon D said...

I love the video, but you are right about the music, how about you replace the music with your Liszt collection? :)