Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Jersey, USA

well, ill close today with a New Jersey map...I have another one here. Can someone tell me how many different map cards publishers are there in the US? coz there are so many different series, it is hard to keep track :)

well, i wont be talking about NJ again...i actually wanted to share something else with you that I came across today...not that I couldnt share it with you with some other card, but since it was NJ involved in the story, i thought it would be the most appropriate to post it along today

a short but lovely and touching story in a way

I just absolutely love it!!! Usually i read stories how dads help their sons or give them their wisdom and unconditional love....i rarely, come across things being the other way round...hence i so much appreciate it.
Hope it got you thinking, at least for a moment...

apart from the clock stamp, there are two other nice ones here from a set of 4 Cowboys of the Silver Screen stamps, issued in 2010.


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