Sunday, July 24, 2011

Forks Marketplace, Canada

My last card for today (yeah sorry, 4 cards only) is one I received back in 2009, showing the Forks Marketplace in the Canadian Winnipeg.

From what Ive read, once you are in Winnipeg, this place is a must-to-see and a favourite tourist destination.
Located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, providing you many different opportunities to eat, shop or just relax.
The two rivers freeze during the winter, so you can also skate if you prefer.
Well, I would most probably exploit the cycling/rollerblading facilities.

I think that one of the things I love in Skopje is that SOMETIMES i have the opportunity to go cycling without too much trouble, just by the river is nice in the early morning when it is not crowded...otherwise, in the afternoons, esp. during the summer, it reminds you more of a catwalk with models on bikes and rollerblades...and cycling on the streets of Skopje is like suicide, coz you have no cycling paths and the pavements are always occupied by cars...or are in a reconstruction mode...or just have so many holes that neither the best bike-amortization will save your dear bicycle. So thats why I often wish I was in the Netherlands or Copenhagen or Paris...just for the cycling culture these places have...

anyways, enough of yada-yada :)

there are a number of stamps on this card, all different....the one on the very right is from a set of 4 sports stamps issued in 2009, representing the Ringuette (one of those sports I dont know much about...I think that just every day I see some newly invented sport out there). The stamp next to it is also from 2009 and is called "Montreal Canadians". Another 2009 stamp from the `Lest we forget` issue. The last two are from a set of 8 Handicrafts stamps issued in 1999.

So that would be all for today...hope you are enjoying your Sunday, regardless that Saturday was quite full with some not-so-nice events, following what happened in Norway as well as the death of Amy Whinehouse...that one came as a shocker, even though we all know what kind of life she led, but still.....such news always come out of the blue.

hugs to all!

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Shaunna said...

Am looking through old posts... Ringette isn't new - it was once the "girl's" version of Hockey, though now either sex can play either sport (to the best of my knowledge). Have a great day!