Sunday, July 24, 2011

Biloxi, USA

This next fantastic card comes as a great from Bryon who has been one of the great contributors to this blog and has been pretty much spoiling me...though if I am to be honest, I do not mind that :P

and recently he sent me the fantastic set of lighthouses' cards issued along with the same set of stamps in 2009....there was another lighthouse set of stamps and cards in 2007 and I have them as well, thanks to dear Addis in Puerto Rico.

When choosing which of the lighthouses to post today, I was rather surprised to notice that so far I have no Mississippi card yet posted on my blog...I thought it might be a mistake in tags, but neither in keyword search I found a Mississippi card..

So im happy to add another US state to this blog, showing this beautiful Biloxi house. As the back of the card says: Of all the lighthouses that once stood in Mississippi, Biloxi lighthouse is the only one still standing. Named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, the white, conical tower was built in 1848, making it one of the first cast-iron lighthouses in the South.

one very interesting thing about the lighthouse's history is that light was civilian operated from 1848 to 1939, and is notable for its several female lightkeepers, including Maria Younghans, who tended the light for 53 years. So it is not like everyday you come across such info about women operating a lighthouse. Worth admiring!

And I just must add that I absolutely love the colours...such nice shades of blue!

and here come the stamps...the matching lighthouse one which is already pre-printed...while the one next to it is a 2011 stamp from the issue called "Garden of Love" which consists of 10 self-adhesive stamps. The one below it is a panther stamp issued in 2007. And look at that lovely cancellation!!

thanks soooooo much Bryon! For the kindness and thoughtfulness! 

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Bryon D said...

Hi Ana, thanks for the post! And there we go again with the double cancellation we are often faced with here in the US. Even if we ask for a hand cancellation, the US postal service still often runs the card through the machine cancellation. Only way I've found to avoid it is by sending cards from a tiny town, not always a convenient arrangement when living near a big city. Oh well, if double cancellations is by biggest complaint, life is very good!