Saturday, July 16, 2011

Maho Bay, St. Maarten

well, I was just reminded that it's been like 15 days that I havent had any updates here....which sounded a real lot to me...with all things going on, I seem to lose track of time (again) I had several attempts to make an update, choosing cards and all, and then it all is left for the 'next day' and of course, the next day other things happen and the update is postponed we've been enduring awfully hot temperatures lately...of almost 40 degrees, and at times like that I just feel so lazy and so inspirationless...even my dear postman seems to be having difficult times with this heat and stops by just once a week...when he overflows my mailbox with fantastic yesterday I said to myself that it was about time to get out of that frame of mind and post some cards....

...and here is where I wish I was at the moment...or at least any place like this (though I would probably skip the plane-thing)...near the sea/ocean/lake..first of all to get away from this unbearable heat...second, I really need some mental rest...

a fantastic card sent by Jean-Pierre....who sometimes I think has the magic wand actually, since he manages to send postcards from all those different spots in the world...this one here in particular is the Maho Bay in St. Maarten (the Dutch side - the other one is French) and shows also how this plane lands at the Juliana much as the plane seems surreal, if you take a closer look, you will actually see some people looking towards the sky, taking pictures with their there IS something there, and this American Airlines guy hasnt been photoshopped.. ..Ive experiences something similar back in one of the beaches we got the chance to see dozens of planes flying over our heads since the airport in Tivat was very near...however, none of them was THIS low and close to us...if i got to experience something like this, I cant tell if id be terrified or hyper-excited and feel the adrenaline rushing up through my veins...most probably, it would be the know, the scarier, the more exciting :)
people at the St. Maarten PO seems to have been rather lazy to open their stamps' folders...what makes me laugh about these stickers is that they actually weigh the postcards too.. though maybe they still dont have stocks of the new stamps, since this is a rather newly formed country, bearing its own stamps (St. Maarten used to be part of the Netherlands Antilles). Well, maybe there is no real stamp, but thats why there is a great cancellation, showing this was indeed mailed from St. Maarten :D

Thank you so much Jean-Pierre!! You are amazing!

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