Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mount Tai, China

A lovely surprise Dani sent me from China!

Such a fantastic view, with so much blue!! Perfect for the blue lovers like me!
The name of the card is "The Winter Charm of Azure Cloud Temple". Situated on the Mount Tai, near its top, is a grand building complex, a special combination of metal components, wood, and bricks and stone structures. It is the most influential, its influence extending over more than half of China. During the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), Azure Cloud Temple received several hundred thousand worshippers annually. From the Taishan Temple to the Azure Clouds Temple there are numerous stone tablets and inscriptions and ancient buildings on the way.

I love the clouds...and feels like you have the whole world at your hands here :)

the stamp is from a set of 2 definitives issued in 2004.


Dani said...

Ти повеќе инфо собереш отколку ја тука у Кина. хаха. Бравос.

Мило ми дека ја бендиса честитката.
Ајде убави празнични денови.

Хагс фром фризииииинг Тиенџин. :)

Dani said...

Инаку направена е разгледница од една од моите фотографии. Јупии..
Уште не знам за у продажба. Ќе бидеш известена..

~~Среќен почеток на 2011!~~