Saturday, January 1, 2011


My last card for today is an official I received in 2009

My only official card from the Philippines so far...however, the user eventually moved to Canada, so I dont have it anymore counting as one from the Philippines =/

It is a very nice map card, showing a bunch of different views from the country, and they go as follows (starting from top left corner, to the right, then you go down and just follow the line :)

1. Makati; 2. Black Nazarene Procession, Quipao; 3. Jeepney; 4. Intramuros; 5. Rizal Shrines; 6. Manila City Hall; 7. Fort Santiago, Intramuros; 8. Philippine Brahma with gypsies woven handicraft carriage, Diliman; 9. San Augustin Church, Intramuros; 10. Ortigas Center; 11. Manila Bay sunset; 12. Roxas Blvd.; 13. Rizal Monument in Luneta Park; 14. Manila Cathedral, Intramuros; 15. MRT in Ortigas Center; 16. Spanish-inspired horse-driven calesa, Intramuros

If I ever get a particular card from one of these places, ill give you more details regarding it or them....if i get to write one about each one of them, that's gonna be an endless boring post :)

the famous Philippines' you have two different designs from a set of 40 stamps issued in 2009

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