Saturday, January 1, 2011

La Passion du Chocolat

You know that I love Nouvelles Images cards (the multiples series)....and here is one of my very very very favourites!!! The Chocolate one!!! Yumm yumm yummmie!!!

Plus being the holidays, it feels appropriate to post it and maybe feel less guilty for having eaten all those sweets and cakes and stuff :)
And the ones on the card just look unbelievably delicious!!! Esp that big one at the top line....I dont know what exactly it is, but it looks incredibly good...and at least i know there will be enough to satisfy my appetite :P
The Foret noire looks awesome too and the one with triple chocolate too...and the mousse...and the Opera...and just everything!!
Im not really a chocolate addict, at least not anymore, but I do have my moments of consuming them in large quantities....Ive tried to give up on them and not consume anything sweet...and usually I dont have a real need for chocolate or a cookie...but sometimes, when someone offers you with something nice, you just cant resist it...and sometimes you come across at a store or a cake shop at something why refrain long as I dont do it on daily basis and overdose each time, I shouldnt deprive myself from these guilty pleasures...coz fact is, the more I try to force myself not to eat something, the more I feel like craving for it it is all psychologically/emotionally based, than that it shows the real need for a particular product...same goes with least for me.

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