Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bansko, Bulgaria

It is an ironic thing that, cards from some very neighbouring countries, are very rare in my collection...Bulgaria, even though it is my eastern next-door neighbour, is a country i dont have many cards from...and lets not mention how many of them are written and stamped...same goes with Albania, I think I told you about it in a recent post...

This isnt a written and stamped one, a friend brought it to me some months ago from a trip to Bulgaria...and thats when I realized that it's been a long while since i had gotten something from that she brought me a magnet too, so im really happy :D (My magnet collecting is not something from long ago actually...started out sometime last year and im wondering how could i have been ignoring it all these years...but of course, it is a rather expensive hobby, so im taking it Macedonia it can be rather problematic when you go to the PO and want to send one, but i wont get into that right now).

Anyways, this card comes from Bansko....famous as a ski resort...sometimes can be confused with Bansko located in Macedonia, which is both a village and a spa, and people with all sorts of rheumatic and other health problems go there...i guess that since it is situated near the border with Bulgaria, hence the same name.

My friend said that in Bansko they had great saunas and spas, but awful barbecue.

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