Sunday, December 12, 2010

Talasnal, Portugal

My last card for today is an official one from Portugal.


What I love about it, are the colours...such am amazing combination of blue and green, with the grey colour of the houses blended into all that.
The card shows a mountain village in Portugal called Talasnal...which is a small village made of shale houses, on the heart of the Lousa mountains, at 500 meters high, close to the market town Lousã...and as with the majority of my Portuguese cards, not much more i can tell you about it. I wish the Portuguese and the Brazilians had more of this info translated into English.

the stamp is a rather common Portuguese one, coming from a set of three stamps issued in 2008, representing city transport.

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Martinha said...

What a beautiful card. I've never heard about this village :o