Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sylt, Germany

A fantastic card I got as an official.

I think that all the cards that come from this publisher, have something so special in them, the images are just so beautiful! This particular card comes from the Nordseeküste 2010 series. For their overall assortment, you can visit their website. WARNING: Too many beautiful things there :)

This here is the List West lighthouse on the Ellenbogen peninsula, on the Sylt island. This lighthouse was established in 1852 and it was the first german lighthouse built in cast iron. It was commissioned by the government of the Kingdom of Denmark, when Sylt was still under danish sovereignty.
Nowdays, Sylt is a well known touristic destination, with its sandy beaches and resorts. It is specially attended by the high society and famous personalities.

Some technical characteristics for those who understand them:

Latitude:                      55° 3" 7'
Longitude:                   8° 23" 56'
Format:                       DD DMS
Body of water:             Lister Ley Bay and the North Sea
Height Above Water:   56 feet
Light Characteristics:    White, red, or green light, depending on direction, 4.5 s on, 1.5 s off

quite a familiar stamp

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