Friday, November 5, 2010

Urk, The Netherlands

This lovely card came from Peggy for the anniversary 100 group in the Turkish RR.

Urk Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Urk at the eastern banks of the IJsselmeer. From 1617 a coal fire was used for the local fishermen as well as for the ships sailing from Amsterdam to the North Sea. The current lighthouse station was established in 1837. The tower was built in 1845 as a round brick tower attached to a keeper's house. A Fresnel lens is still in use. The lighthouse was restored in 1972 and declared a national monument of the Netherlands in 1982. The tower can be visited during guided tours.

There are three nice and rather different stamps from the ones im used to seeing from the Netherlands. The one in the middle is from a set of four stamps issued back in 1984, representing Joost Swarte comics. The one on the left is also from 1984, issued under the subject of Export and Trade, and it represents small businesses. And the last one, phew, comes from a set of 3 Traffic stamps issued in 1980.
The lack of issuing dates on the stamps has made searching a real hell...but I finally managed :P

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