Friday, November 5, 2010

Tennessee, USA

A great train card!!!!

The card shows the Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum in Tennessee...just tonight I had realized that this is the first ever Tennessee card Im posting here.

Casey Jones (March 14, 1863 – April 30, 1900), America's most famous railroad engineer is shown here on #638, the engine he served on for several years.
On April 30, 1900, he alone was killed when his passenger train, the "Cannonball Express," collided with a stalled freight train at Vaughan, Mississippi, on a foggy and rainy night.
His dramatic death, trying to stop his train and save lives, made him a folk hero; he was immortalized in a popular ballad sung by his friend Wallace Saunders, an African American engine wiper for the IC. Thanks to this song his life and legend have been celebrated worldwide for over a century.

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