Sunday, October 31, 2010

Damascus, Syria

Well, here are some nice postcards, in order to make a closure of something that was a tiring but lovely weekend!

Silvan again prepared a splendid surprise for my mailbox, this time sending me a postcard from Syria, and no more or less, but a railway related one!!!!
This here is the Al-Hijaz (or Hejaz) Railway Station in Damascus, a very magnificent Ottoman Building. Even though this station is no longer in use, it still makes such a perfect postcard and such a thoughtful surprise!
The Hejaz railway ran from Damascus to Medina, through the Hejaz region of Arabia, with a branch line to Haifa, on the Mediterranean Sea. It was a part of the Ottoman railway network and was built in order to extend the previously existing line between Istanbul and Damascus all the way to the holy city of Mecca (eventually being able to reach only Medina due to the interruption of the construction works caused by the outbreak of World War I).

the stamp on the left is a definitive issued in 2009, representing President Bashar Al-Assad, while the other one was issued in 2006 in a set of 3 Fauna stamps, representing fish from Syria


Vagirl said...

Wow, another rare country and beautiful card and great postmark on this one!
Good for you:)
Love your posts;)
Hugs to you:love:

Ana said...

ahhh, thank you for your nice words dear..lots of hugs to you too...and a meaw from Kimi and Foxy :P