Sunday, November 7, 2010


What a nice weekend it has been....warm and done anything special, but im happy that ive managed to do some efficient cleaning so now if you want to enter my room, you can actually do so without worrying you'll trip over i cleared my desk of the TONZ of necessary and unnecessary stuff it was cluttered with....the latter prevailed to a large extent i must admit....and well, lets close this week with a few more cards.

The first one comes from Glenn and his trip to Jamaica earlier this year...well, back in February according to the postmark below :)
This is such a sweet and cute card, saying to portray a scene from rural Jamaica, and this card is called Pickney Bath Time.
It's always nice to see the rural scenes of the countries, and not only the regular city views and sceneries one is used to...when it comes to Jamaica, what first comes to my mind are beautiful long beaches and crystal clear waters...reggae music and Bob Marley...faster than light sprinters like Usain Bolt...and all that's perfectly interesting as well...but it is something that is more common, while these rural Jamaican scenes are not something seen every thats why I appreciate cards like this this kid is just soooo adorable!
In general, a scene like this is not unfamiliar to me, since in the rural and even not so rural areas, you can come across a bath of this kind...and the kids enjoy the splish-splash :)

probably the most common Jamaican stamp, at least when it comes to international mail...coming from a set of 8 definitives issued in 2006. its part III of this subject regarding Classical architecture, where here you can see Devon House St. Andrew.

thanks a lot again Glenn for this lovely card!


Dani said...

Прекрас! Срцко мали. А жолтово ептен му личе. :)

Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, glad you liked this card. Makes me wish I was back there again, now that it's starting to cool down here. Winter is on the way.