Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Canary Islands, Spain

My last card for today comes from dear Jurga, who saw this one in my favourites and wanted to surprise me!

And this is such a lovely, warm card...and when you take a look at its location on the map, just northwest of Africa, no wonder they have such a nice climate...(yeah, here is me speaking of the weather again...ive become like one of those old ladies who gather together in front of someone's gate and having nothing better to discuss of, talk of the weather...)
But actually, while we are at it, i have to mention something about's been a crazy day today...with believe it or not, 25 the mid-November...that just feels totally crazy...after a lovely sunny and warm weekend, we had two days of rain and then all of a sudden we get full sunshine and warm temperatures...and just last week it was freezing cold....and then I wonder why i get really has to be immune and not be affected with such drastic weather changes, which in Macedonia seem to be more like a trend in the past years than something that happens every once in a while...though to be honest I prefer days like today..throughout the year...not too hot, not too cold...just perfect to go outside and enjoy the sunshine, plus have this small lovely breeze....but I bet that by tomorrow things will drastically change again...oh well....=/

And here is a very lovely stamp! I always get happy when I see something different than the stamps im more or less used to from a certain country....this one was issued this year, promoting Spanish tourism.....ummm, does look appealing, definitely!

Thanks so much again Jurga! For the card and the thoughtfulness! And to the rest,thanks again for dropping by and for reading...hope you werent TOO bored with my weather ramblings :P

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