Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Here is one FANTASTIC map card....and I must say a very RARE one to see around, so im INCREDIBLY happy to have it, and that wouldnt have happened if dear Tina wasnt so KIND to send it to me!! Thank you again Tina! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Ehm...I cant believe it that it's been over a year now since ive visited BiH...time flies soo fast! And back than not at one place I spotted map cards...and maybe thats good, coz otherwise i would have probably gone bankrupt wanting to buy as many as possible coz one can make a really good deal with these :)

There are a number of nice small pictures, but I dont feel competent enough to say what exactly each one represents...though I think that each of them is for one of the cities shown on the card in capital letters...coz there are 16 pictures and also 16 marked cities...dont know if i had mentioned this before...but there is a direct bus line from Skopje to Sarajevo....i have this urge to get on it...and explore Sarajevo too since I didnt have the chance to do so during my trip last rather adventurous and I dont really need many excuses and reasons to travel somewhere :)
As for the cities on the card, I can share a few thoughts that come to my had....Jajce for example (which in Macedonian means "egg") is a place which has remained in my memory since school days since we learned in the history class about it when we learned about hosted the second convention of the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia in 1943, a meeting that set the foundation for the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia after the war....Tuzla is the city which is famous for salt production, while Srebrenica is unfortunately that infamous place for the Srebrenica genocide during the 90's, the largest mass murder in Europe since WWII.

I think I discovered two of the pictures....on the left side, the second picture represents the Jajce waterfalls, while on the right side, the 4th picture represents Srebrenica....the one in the bottom left corner is definitely the bridge in Mostar, while the third picture at the bottom from left to right might be Neum, since thats like the only summer resort in BiH, at the Adriatic Sea...

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Penpalling and Letters said...

Hello dear! Since I don't have Internet connection home I am a bit absent, but hope to stay in touch, though... When I saw this post I also felt the urge to catch this bus line with you and visit Sarajevo! Maybe one day there is a possibility... Thinking of you dear Ana! Hope you are fine! Big hug!