Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Absolut Vodka

Ok, something different now....


You may wonder...what's an Absolut Vodka card doing here....well, let me tell you....ever since some years ago I noticed those pictures with the Absolut Vodka commercials, i IMMEDIATELY fell for them...they just seemed so interesting and cool and representing so many different 'Absolut' things in a unique way....on my HDD I have around 300 Absolut Vodka pictures....and Im really surprised (in a bad way) that Absolut Vodka cards are almost non-existent...so far I only have 3...this one, which I received as an official and was utterly happy about it!! Then Absolut Cracow and Absolut Sex Pistols...but come on...there are sooooo many more...I really wonder where they are hiding.
So in case you happen to have an Absolut Vodka card, oh PLEASE, pretty please let me know and im sure we can arrange something! I know these are promotional or ad-cards in general, so i really dont know why i cant get a hold of them.

Speaking of this Absolut Eighties slogan...I think that's just ME! Im stuck in the eighties....sometimes I cling way too much to them...somehow those times feel so good and evoke such memories...even though i was still a child...and nowadays i totally enjoy the music from the eighties...I LOVE the cartoons from this time...and I so much miss all those children's games....something that the children of today I think will never be aware of...I miss the ice-creams and chocolates too...things were plain in a way....but we fully enjoyed them...and we knew how to enjoy it all...and i could go on and on and on about the eighties....but in some other occasion...and yeah, in my next Absolut Vodka card, I may refer a bit to the vodka itself too :)

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