Tuesday, October 4, 2011

He wasn't as fascinating as he had once appeared....

And one more card for today....dont know why I was particularly inspired for this one, but you know that I love AT cards and their humour.....and before I start, I need to make a clarification that this card aint intended for anyone in particular....but it is just something i do agree with when this card comes into question...and yeah, it is some kind of a girly yuppie talk so you can stop reading just now if your teeth cringe at the thought of reading something like this :)

I dont know if this phase happens to men to regarding women (so that they could replace the 'he' with a 'she').
But anyways....over the years Ive come to realize that this slogan has a lot of truth in it, even though at certain points it feels ridiculous....but the person whom you were deeply in love with and could go until the end of the world for, and who made you tremble with the presence only and whom you swore to love and cherish until the day you die and blah blah blah....eventually one day you realize that this person has grown so distant and that all those things you loved about him, now become so annoying..and the passion and Return to list of posts anxiety you felt tend to grow to some sort of repugnance and not even a spark seems to be alive from what was once a huge fire. All those manners you ones loved, now simply get you out of the skin.The idea of this person coming close to you makes you go step back. And this extreme change only happens with people with whom you've gone to an extreme (in the sense of feelings). The more you've fallen for someone, the more you cant stand this person eventually.....those who've been somewhere in the middle, dont seem to be concerned with the above statement.
Dont know if i made any sense to you, but I know that there are some people who've been in these shoes and they will understand what im talking about :)
And I may be talking in third person singular, but in general, im just conveying my personal thoughts of this.
What im curious about is why these extremes happen....and why something that has once been so strong, has the ability to die like that......not that I regret any of those which have whithered away, but it is funny when you find yourself in a situation, wondering about the so-called love of your life, 'how the hell on Earth I could have even imagined to marry him...". Love and infatuation are really odd things....they make life so beautiful....if you cherish them and take enough care of them, every day....

Salute to all you loving souls :)

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