Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fyn, Denmark

been a while since ive posted something Danish...no wonder I still have cards from Denmark from 2009...

this one shows some bits and pieces from the Danish island Fyn (or Funen in the English speaking world...), which is the third-largest island of Denmark and the 163rd largest island of the world. (ok, not really something to brag about...I mean, 163 is not even in the '100 best')
The main city is Odense (now, ive heard of it, but hadnt really known it belonged to an island..)
Now, the card also shows Tåsinge, an island south of Funen, then Svendborg - the second largest city on the island, then Fyns Hoved - the outer part of the peninsula Hindsholm, the cities of Fåborg and Nyborg and the Lillebaeltsbroen bridge

well, nice compliation...

a very cute Danish stamp coming from a set of 8 stamps issued in 2009, called "Plays in the snow". Just adorable!!!

well, hope you are having a nice week...I mean Wednesday is at the door, so the weekend should be here soon :P

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