Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wimbledon 2010

Note: This is gonna be a longish, as the title says, Wimbledon related post...boring to many of you, I know...more of the Nadal rambling, which I know you are fed up with...but now that the Tournament has ended, and having the most appropriate card in my hands, this post cries to be written....the regular updates will come back from tomorrow on.
Well, I received this card back in February, and saying I was delighted doesnt really describe my reaction when I found it in the mailbox...those who have directly or indirectly been following me during tennis tournaments all year round, could get at least an idea how I felt :) Of course, I was so over-excited, I wanted to post it right away, but then this little voice inside me said: No no no Ana, not now...Wimbledon will happen in a few months, so it will be smarter if you save the card till then and use it to commemorate the event...good that I do listen to it sometimes.

I was in big doubts about when should I post the card...before Wimbledon starts...during...after...eventually decided to go for 'after' and make a summary of all the events and happenings and the outcome....and oh what a perfect outcome we had :D Rafael Nadal, lifting the trophy....Rafael Nadal walking out with 2000 ATP points and firming even more his 1st position...Rafael Nadal shutting the evil mouths of many...but Ill get to the last issue later
This year's Wimbledon has produced loads of surprises and memorable moments, and can you believe it, it didnt rain even once!
The most memorable event would definitely be the epic match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut...the match which lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes....stretching out over 3 days...where on the second day they played for around 8 hours crazy and so unbelievable, record breaker in many aspects...It was sometime during the 6th hour of that second day when I tuned it...and in total disbelief watched what was happening on Court 18...a match of the very first round...yeah, general, a match on Court 18 surely wouldnt catch my attention...but this one did...a match of a kind you dont even see in the final battles...with two men barely standing on their feet, Isner especially...they were winning their serves, but couldnt possibly run after balls...and thats how it went, one game after another, both clinching to their serves...everyone wondering if this was ever gonna end...honestly, it was so crazy and unique, i wasnt sure if I wanted it to dont really get to witness something like this every day...well, it eventually did end...the third day, where Mahut eventually couldnt hold his serve, and it was understandable that Isner was gonna use the opportunity and put an end to this drama/nightmare or however you wanna call it...uhmm...pity...not coz it ended, but coz I actually wanted Mahut to win...he was so more down to earth and so kinder, he is so less seemed as if he would appreciate this win much more than Isner...but there you go
At the end of it all, a ceremony was held, where prizes were given to both of not sure what exactly, and I know that Mahut got a consolation prize, trip to the Maldives..honestly, I dont think that when losing a match like this, there could be a is not the kind of a normal match you is THE match...the one everyone would talk about tomorrow, next month, next year, after 50 years...the match whose 5th set lasted longer than the previous longest match...even Mohamed Lahyani was given a prize for being the chair umpire throughout the entire match...speaking of him, I cant recall I saw him afterwards...but he definitely is my favourite chair umpire..I so much wished he would be in charge of some of the Nadal matches, esp. after those French guys turned out to be sort of biased and unfair and bringing some really unjustified judgments...well, later about it

Another thing which would make this Wimbledon remembered is coz her Majesty, the Queen decided to turn up, at the match of Murray against Nieminen...good for Andy, he won...I wonder, if the Queen showed up at Murray's match against Nadal, would that have helped him somehow or no...

Then come the early calls for danger...from no one else but Federer who faced being kicked out by Falla at the very very first round...Federer playing 5 sets at Wimbledon's earliest stages was incomprehensible to many (to me as well to be honest) but it was the reality...not that I didnt enjoy it :)

I knew I shouldnt laugh at it, coz eventually Nadal found himself into 5 setters as well against Haase and Petzchner, but I have to say I liked both guys and how they played so they are like one of my Wimbledon findings..both matches with some controversy...once Nadal is given an official warning due to the fact he received coaching from uncle Tony...then, Nadal seeks for medical treatment...eventually he is called a if he set it up on purpose in order to get some time..funny how when other players never were called liars for such a thing, esp. Soderling, whom I got to dislike even more after this. Not to mention how Soderling asked for a medical time out right when Rafa was about to serve for a one was available, but instead Pascal telling them to continue with the game, they had to wait..which was totally unfair and against the rules...but I never heard anyone speaking of Soderling as a liar or a deceitful player which is what he actually was...and please keep the French umpires away in the future

Some small summary

you be the judge what was justified and what not

Another thing that must be noted for this year's Wimbledon was Federer being kicked the QUARTER-FINALS! Wow! I could have just gone out and celebrate! The so much called God of Wimbledon was out! Berdych had the honour to do so! Yup, I disliked Roger before, but like Soderling, now he even made a firmer position on my dislike list...he may be a great player but is such a sore and terrible loser...just now I realized how self-centered he is...and how of the reasons why I love Nadal is coz he is the total opposite...but Federer got the nerve to say, after he lost, that he sees Del Potro as the favourite, just unfortunately he is not playing, and that Nadal and Djokovic have been playing awfully! Oh please, for the love of God, can you hear what you are saying?! You, who have not won a title for months, got the nerve to say Nadal and Novak are playing a lousy game?? Not even once given the credit to them nor to Berdych who played amazingly?? All of a sudden Roger has pains and his back is killing him and oh boy we should feel sorry for him and thats why he lost, otherwise he would have beaten everyone in straight sets 6:0 each...yada yada was the same in 2008 when he lost to Nadal in the finals...oh well, the light was pretty bad and I couldnt see...yeah yeah...Nadal was playing in the same light and he got to beat you...why dont you just for once admit that someone played better than you and you played an awful game..Nadal always says it...sometimes I hate it how modest Nadal is and how much he appreciates and publicly praises Federer, coz Federer obviously doesnt deserve it....anyways, Fed, I hope you and Mirka are having a blast of a holiday since you so cynically stated you wont be watching the finals..yeah, it is painful I know...
Thumbs up for Berdych though and for the game quality he had produced, which was still not enough to beat Nadal...I just dont know why was Novak so absent-minded when Berdych and he played

And even though Im not much into women's tennis, I must point out one name here, Tsvetlana Pironkova...a young Bulgarian who shocked many..82nd on the WTA, but reached the semis and on top of that, kicked out Venus...I dont like the Williams sisters, and I was so pleased to see one of them being outplayed by someone who is rather unknown to the tennis world

And I musnt forget one very important moment...the journalists at havent seen so many biased, unprofessional and cynical reports at one place...totally underestimating the great plays of Nadal, while lifting his opponents in the sky...they all made it as if Nadal deserved to win nothing, as if he won due to being lucky, as if he only struggled to win, even going to extents and criticize his if thats the cruical matter when playing tennis...but when they were to describe Murray, oh boy, Andy produced such an outstanding, tremendous game! The cherry on top was the last article about Zvonareva...
The initial title was something like, Zvonareva's dream turns into a nightmare, but they got to change it eventually

I was appalled when I read it..instead of giving her the praise she deserved for reaching the finals, i get to read this...I think that the management at should take a look into the matter and who is working for them...and this is not just my subjective opinion...this is an opinion by many who found the articles throughout the tournament, absolutely biased and even cynical...many of the comments were even deleted eventually...mine were never published...could only presume why, and you could only guess what my messages contained...but I hope that next year and at the upcoming tournaments, I wont have to read crap and gibberish like this...this is one of the reason why I could never work as a sports commentator...I would never be able to be subjective and I would always cheer for someone...but at least I have the decency to admit it...

Ok, to finally close this....Wimbledon came and went...leaving many new great and not so great memories, but for sure, on the overall, it was an exciting one!
Thank you Nadal for bringing another day of joy and for shutting the mouths to the many evil guys and gals who underestimated you and who so much wanted to see you are my number one, and will always remains so!

PS. Dont you think he is adorable when arguing with Pascal? :P
PPS. Big hug to Zarah and Beatriz, my two dear Partners-in-Crime when it comes to Nadal :)
PPS. I warned you it was gonna be a longish no complaints will be admitted ;-)


Sreisaat said...

Ana, this is a wonderful summary of the Wimbledon 2010! Despite the negativities and tirades the press (oh, and the commentators as well) launched against Rafa, it is very clear who came out clean, victorious and the better person -- Rafa himself. He handled himself so well, on and off the court, especially in the interviews.
You talked about the umpire - I'm very happy with the American umpire. It was smooth-sailing and no controversial calls at all. Perhaps the Wimbledon organisers have read about the comment I left at their site!@ hahahhaah. And how the crowd love him!!! It was so cute of him to do a tumbling before doing a double fist pumps after he made the winning point!!
8 Grand slam titles at 24 years of age -- barring any injuries -- our Rafa's future beckons. Once again, Rafa took us to another great Wimbledon ride. Thanks for riding with me all throughout :)
Hurray to us all Rafa fans!

Ana said...

yeah, I liked the American umpire too..he did a great job and I also think the Brazilian one, Carlos it was I think, on the match against Murray, was a good one...definitely your theory about the French ones turned to be true! The more I keep replaying those parts, the more I feel their arrogance...ugh
His interviews say a lot, and I love it how with his innocent sometimes silly comments, he makes everyone laugh :D