Thursday, July 1, 2010


:D :D :D
Ok, is NOT sent from Greenland directly, so I cant brag too much about it, but however, it is my first ever card from Greenland, and on top of that, I actually got two at once :P

I just have no idea at which part in Greenland this exactly is, and I doubt anyone could figure it out, unless maybe Erwin Reinthaler who has taken this photo...I AM curious for the details.
Anyways, Greenland, or Kalaallit Nunaat, means "Land of the Kalaallit people" me however, it always feels that this is some clipping of Green+Land, which is not THAT illogical since in the southern part, Greenland is green in summer, even though thats hard to imagine with so much ice all over the island.
The name &nbspGreenland comes from Scandinavian settlers. In the Icelandic sagas, it is said that Norwegian-born Erik the Red was exiled from Iceland for murder. He, along with his extended family and thralls, set out in ships to find the land that was rumoured to be to the northwest. After settling there, he named the land Grœnland ("Greenland") in the hope that the pleasant name would attract settlers.

As for the some basic facts and figures, Greenland is the world's largest island that is not a continent, and is the least densely populated country in the world. It is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, located between the Arctic and Atlantic ocean and in geographical and ethnic terms it is connected to North America actually, not Europe...

Visiting Greenland is one of my wishes...yup, sending postcards is actually on the top of my list if I get there...but I guess I will need to take some additional few days in order to manage to write all those cards...I know the hunger and anticipation for getting one would be enormous...and who knows, who will be on my list ;)

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shizuku-san said...

Ana! I finally actually started my postcard blog. I hope you don't mind me imitating your format, because of all the postcard blogs I've peeked at, I like yours the best. ^_^