Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Well....having in mind that the World Football Cup is taking part in all its glory (or maybe not) it feels sort of natural to post a card from South Africa during this time.

Well, i am not watching the events taking place, I honestly dont feel drawn to it at all this year and either way, Macedonia is not playing, so even a less reason for me to watch and get glued by the screen for 90 more thing which puts me off is that notorious thing called Vuvuzela....that thing makes such an annoying monotonous sound and on top of that, it is claimed that its decibel are very harmful for your hearing.....and as usual, there will be one side who will post warnings and who will complain about this 'anthem' of the WC...and on the other side are the mass of people who will go and have it as the latest trend and as something that is a must-have since its IN.
This is the latest article I came across regarding the so popular and a-match-cant-go-without-it Vuvuzela...

Of course, another perfect business...just makes me wonder, once the WC is over, what you are going to do with your Vuvuzelas?? Where are you going to use them? Will they become an integrated part in every single football match in every single league in every single country??? ¡Por el amor de Dios! ¡Por favor, NO!

This reminds me a lot to prom buy that very special outfit for that very special night and in general thats the first and last time you wear it, even though you had spent quite a good fortune.
Same with vuvuzelas in this case...there is this whole euphoria going around them and once the WC is over, they will most probably be catching dust in some of your cardboards....with the only difference...Vuvuzelas are sold for around 5 dollars.....remember the cost of your prom outfit?

This Vuvuzela thing really distracted my attention and i didnt get to say a word about the card, which shows Port Elizabeth and as the back of the card says, Port Elizabeth numbers many wide white beaches, sophisticated shopping malls and good hotels and restaurants.

I bow down to the postal worker who had put the airmail label OVER the stamp! *Clap clap clap*
I really dont get it how it is possible for postal workers to be so careless about the items they are handling...shouldnt they actually be aware about philately and that these stamps are valuable to someone? To me they often appear as people who have absolutely no interest in the thing which is actually a part of their job...i dont say all postmen and all postal workers should be philatelists...but they SHOULD treat cards and letters with care...they SHOULD put nice postmarks and cancellations...they should know that you DONT put airmail stickers over stamps...they should know that you DONT write with a pen over the stamp...they MUST use stamps instead those plain white/red stickers...they shouldnt bend/twist/bite the mail they are carrying....but seems like im living in a postal world where things are the total opposite.
btw, its from a set of 4 stamps issued in 2009 representing Gemstones of Africa - this is the Rodochrosite


Anonymous said...

beautiful postcard.

Hi,I would like to swap postcard with you!! Please let me know if you are interested.


pinuccia said...

When I went to the post office at the airport in Jo'burg, SA with more than 50 cards, the lady was so kind and gave me the stamps I needed. She also advised me to put the stamps and the airmail labels on the cards myself if I wanted my cards to stay neat and clean. I thought she was too lazy to put the stamps and labels on. Now I understand the reason behind!

Ana said...

It also happens when I go on holiday somewhere and need to mail a pile of postal clerk would spend the time dealing with stamps and labels so they give them to me..which is really practical since i make sure that everything goes right...and same goes with my Macedonian mail...i put the stamps, the air labels, so i spare myself the risk of someone putting the air label over the text/address/stamp...i dont even dare to hand in cards without stamps..i know they are doomed to the plain red/white stickers :)