Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well, lets end it with an official card

There is a nice short explanation on the back, but in German

Kurz vor der Elektifizierung der wichtigen Hauptstrecke Leipzig-Saalfeld-Nürnberg (1991 bis 1995) verkehrten Intercity-Züge mit Diesel-Lokomotiven. 232 213 hatte am 12. Mai 1994 vor der Kulisse der Dornburger Schlösser die Aufgabe, den IC Berlin - Garmisch-Partenkirchen zwischen Leipzig und Probstzella auf dem noch nicht elektrifizierten Abschnitt zu befördern.

hmmm, here is the bad thing...I do understand what the text says, but despite having achieved the best result on the exam I had in German recently, I still dont dare to translate things publicly, nor write in German...even though I urge to do if possible, youd forgive me for now....

some very familiar German stamps...the first two come from a sheet of 10 stamps (3 designs) issued in 2007, while the last one is from a set of 4 definitives issued in 2006.

thank you for following :)


SOe said...

:-) that´s a card for me :-) I am German and born in the area where this photp / card is taken.

Ana said...

ohh..soo cool! and what a coincidence, out of the entire vastness of Germany :)
btw, nice to see you..ive been practicing my German reading/comprehending skills with your blog...however, i still dont dare to comment back in German...hopefully one day :P