Sunday, June 13, 2010


Lets kick off today with a map card!

And it is a pretty worthy one, showing the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan!
I know I know what goes on in your minds now....ohhh, another map card?? *evil grin*
Well, let me warn you...i have PLENTY of other fantastic maps to show, so they will be coming up here sooner or later so dont say i didnt warn you :)
I was once supposed to get 4 cards from Jordan but the guy was kind enough not to send them to me...thank you very much if you are reading this....I hope your neighbours dog ate the one I sent you...Im not gonna bring up any names in here but from what ive noticed, you tricked some other people as well....well, CONGRATULATIONS!  Thanks to people like you, my eyes have been opened and ive started being much much more cautious....sometimes even too cautious probably...once beaten twice shy..
Anyways, had to get that off the chest....and lately ive been having some talks with some people regarding this subject, and now this card also came, and it sort of just clicked...
thanks to my dear Norwegian lady for thinking of me and sending me this is thanks to her why I have now Jordan in my collection :))))  


Sreisaat said...

Oh, I am so green with envy, Ana. I am tempted to ask you who sent this to you so I could contact him/her myself! *lol* Who knows, he/she hasn't got any Cambodian postcard yet? You are so right about certain people taking advantage of free postcards. We should be cautious of them.

By the way, our boy lost to Ferrer at the Queens. I'm not bothered but I hope it's not an omen of things to come in Wimbledon!

Postcards Crossing

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Annie said...

I can understand you. It sucks that there're lots of people hunting for 'free' cards. I've received a few comments/e-mail with just an address, no hello/intro etc/ Of course, none of the senders replied to my questions about what they want. Lucky for me, I've read some posts like yours before I've become an active swapper, so I was prevented from traps.

This Jordan postcard is so cool!