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Moscow Metro Stations, Russia

Some of you know it rather well, some dont...for those who didnt know by now...I have a soft spot for several kinds of cards...and the Metro Stations in Moscow are very high on the list...but im talking here about the older cards, as the ones you can see here, with the yellow/golden touch....ive seen some new ones and they just dont have the charm of these older ones....
I have some posts about some of the metro is part 1 and here is part 2...guess this one could be considered as part 3....and eventually one day part 4 and part 5 will follow...and maybe 6 and 7 and 8 etc...depending on how this collection of mine grows...

well, for starters today, here is the map plan of the Moscow metro...there are 11 lines shown, plus one is said to be under construction...the lines are: Sokolnicheskaya, Zamoskvoretskaya, Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya, Filovskaya, Koltsevaya, Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya, Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya, Serpukhovsko-Timiriazevskaya, Kalininskaya, Liublinskaya and Kakhovskaya. If im right, the one here referred to as Under Construction is supposed to be total there are 180 stations.

and of course, i wont forget the is a stamp from a set of 4 definitives issued in 2003 representing Sculpture art.

First station for today is Aviamotornaya. It is a station on the Kalininskaya line and was opened on 30 December 1979.The station is built in a three-vault configuration 53 metres (173 feet) underground. The central hallway contains a sculpture made out of anodised gold pyramids and tetrahedra.The theme of Aviamotornaya is aviation and flying. The columns holding up the ceiling are glazed in a light marble tone. The floor is made up of granite plates coloured in different shades of grey. The wall at the end of the central hallway is faced in a metal sculpture. There are decorations mentioning and detailing the main constellations.

some great stamps....well, they were put both above and below the address, so hence the two parts....starting from the ones above...the first one is from a set of 15 definitives issued in 2008, portraying animals. This one shows a hare. The one next to it was issued in 2001 and it is from the EUROPA series, from the Water-theme. The stamp below is from 2007 from a set of 3 showing Russian first native trucks. This one is ZIS-5V, 1942.

Next is the Kropotkinskaya station which is on the Sokolnicheskaya (or the red) line.

It was opened  in 1935 as part of the original Metro line.The station was originally planned to serve the enormous Palace of the Soviets, which was to rise nearby on the former site of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Kropotkinskaya was therefore designed to be the largest and grandest station on the first line. However, the Palace project was cancelled by Nikita Khrushchev in 1953, leaving the Metro station as the only part of the complex that was actually built.

Since it was to serve as the gateway to the Palace of Soviets, great care was taken to make Kropotkinskaya suitably elegant and impressive. The station has flared columns faced with white marble which are said to have been inspired by the Temple of Amon at Karnak. Contrary to popular opinion, the marble used in the station did not come from the demolished Cathedral. The spacious platform is covered with squares of gray and red granite and the walls, originally tiled, are now faced with white Koyelga marble. The station is illuminated by concealed lamps set into the tops of the columns.

and here is an interesting "stamp"....which has remained a mistery to me until today...I really dont understand the meaning of this and why was it used, and the most confusing part for me is that the card was mailed from why is there Return to Budapest? Anyone knows?

The last one shows the vestibule of the Park Pobedy station. (or the Victory Park)

It is a station on the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line of the Metro. At 84 metres underground, it is the deepest station in Moscow. It also contains the longest escalators in Europe, each one is 126 metres long and has 740 steps. The ride to the surface takes approximately three minutes.
Park Pobedy is actually a cross-platform complex with two separate, parallel platforms, though only the inner pair of tracks is presently used.

Trains arriving from Kievskaya stop at the northern platform to drop off passengers before going into reversal sidings and coming back to the southern platform to pick up passengers for the trip back. This is the only Metro station where all passengers board and exit trains in different locations. A further complication: only the southern (inbound) platform has an entrance vestibule, so passengers arriving at the outbound platform must change platforms before exiting. (confusing indeed)

The two platforms work of architects Nataliya Shurygina and Nikolay Shumakov are of identical design but have opposite colour schemes, which creates a striking effect. The pylons of the outbound platform are faced with red marble on the transverse faces and pale grey marble on the longitudinal faces. The inbound platform is exactly the reverse. The station is adorned with two large enameled panels by Zurab Tsereteli depicting the Patriotic War of 1812 (at the end of the inbound platform) and the Great Patriotic War (on the outbound platform).

Some more great stamps. The one in the middle is from 2007 from a set of  4 showing Native horse breeds. This one shows the Vladimir breed. The one on the left is from 2008 from a set of 3 representing the World Natural Heritage - Central Sikhote, Alijn. And the last stamp is from 2002 from a set of 5 definitives, showing architecture, with this one showing Kuskovo Palace.

I LOVE the metro stations. I have a few others in stock, but if you have some for trade, let me might have something im missing :)


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